At the age of 13, Logan Aldridge lost his arm in a wakeboarding accident. The loss of his arm forced him to push past the perceived limits doctors, teachers and friends placed on him. He went on to become a professional wakeboarder, motivational speaker,  college lacrosse player and  Adaptive CrossFit coach. 

CrossFit Legacy and Much More 

Today, Aldridge is a member of the Adaptive Training Academy or ATA. As a coach for the ATA, Aldridge teaches adaptive CrossFit to both disabled and abled body athletes all over the world. In addition to coaching Aldridge also competes in CrossFit competitions. He has wowed people all across the world with his incredible feats of strength. He has a max clean of 255 and a max push jerk of 200 lbs, all with one arm. He routinely competes at the Wheelwod Games, a worldwide Adaptive CrossFit competition. Here he has earned the title of the Fittest Man in the world with one arm. 

What may be even more impressive than his physical accomplishments is the way he approaches everyday life. Aldridge’s passion is to help people push past what they think is possible. While still in high school,  he created the Logan Aldridge Foundation. The foundation was dedicated to helping kids in the southeast who have been injured playing extreme sports. In college he earned his degree in 3D printing and worked with other amputees to adapt to a new way of life. 

In the Podcast above you will find out how Aldridge came back from his injury to inspire people to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.  You can follow Logan Aldridge on Instagram and by clicking on the link. Click here to follow The Adaptive Training Academy