By The Numbers

Since our founding in May of 2020 our content has reached over 4 million people across all socal platforms with our message of hope and Inspiration.

Athlete Testimonial

Scotty Cranmer

Community Testimonials

“I have been following the Greater than the Game account for quite some time now. This account posts stories of professional athletes, coaches, and regular people that are inspiring, informative, and kindhearted. The reason I follow this account is because when I’m stressed out at work or have a bad day, I can view the stories that were posted and see how these athletes dealt with their adversity and how they succeeded. Coming from a sports background, I try to implement lessons learned from sports into my daily life. I use stories like the ones posted by Greater than the Game to motivate me or inform me on how to deal with my stresses and problems.”

Brian D. Community Member

“Greater Than The Game has been a tremendous resource for support with students in schools across NJ. The stories, videos and lessons from each of these avenues allows for students to connect individually or as a group to reflect on adversity, differences and challenges we may face in life along with intrinsic motivation. Greater Than The Game has been a large part of our classroom structure with inclusion and informing students and individuals in schools on the challenges one may face physically, mentally and socially in order to persevere through challenges they may come across at a young age or be faced with in their lifetime.”

Kevin S. Middle School Teacher