On this episode of the Greater Than The Game Podcast, we talk with entrepreneur, speaker, and Adaptive CrossFit Games Athlete Amy Bream.

On the Podcast, Bream talks about her life experiences living with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PPFD), a complex birth defect where the upper part of the femur bone is malformed or missing. She explains how this has shaped her mindset as both a person and an athlete.

Finding CrossFit

Bream takes us through her journey, going from working out at a boxing gym to placing 5th at the first-ever Adaptive CrossFit Games in 2021. She also offers listeners insights into how she approaches new challenges, whether it’s a workout or stepping outside her comfort zone. Her advice is to treat everything like a rep in a workout.


Bream explains how this mindset inspired her to help others through her new coaching program. She details the impact it’s had on clients struggling to take the next step toward their dreams. She covers these topics and more in this amazing conversation. For more information, visit Amybream.com.

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