In 2023, Greater Than The Game has brought you some amazing content. Although it was hard to choose, our team compiled a list of five of our favorite and most popular stories of the year. Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

Meet Mathea Allansmith, the 93-Year-Old Marathon World Record Holder.

In 2023, Mathea Allansmith officially became the oldest woman to complete a marathon, finishing the Honolulu Marathon at 92, proving age is just a number. She started her running journey at 46 on a friend’s advice and never looked back, exploring the world through races. Her message is simple: focus on today, tackle challenges, and keep your eye on the prize. She’s proof that it’s never too late to start and consistency pays off. To read her full story, click here.

The Kavanagh Brothers Make History at Notre Dame

Next up is another fan favorite, the story of Notre Dame’s Kavanagh brothers. The Kavanaghs made history last season, leading the Notre Dame lacrosse team to its first National Championship. Battling a torn hamstring, Pat Kavanagh inspired his team with tremendous toughness while his brother had two goals in the 13-9 victory. After the game, Pat Kavanagh explained how the story of an American hero pushed him to play through the pain and become a champion. Click here to read more.

Champion Chronicles: Defying The Odds

Up next, we have our first documentary, Champion Chronicles, The eight-minute documentary was seen by over 75k people and won an award of excellence from the Best Short Film Festival. The documentary follows Kayleb Wagner, Southern Illinois’s freshman running back. In the documentary, he discusses his record-breaking journey to Division One football with Amniotic Band Syndrome, a congenital condition that left him with one hand. Click here to see his incredible story.

A Touchdown of a Lifetime: The Journey of Cancer Survivor Turned Walk-on, Timmy Ward

Next on the list, we have our podcast with Rutgers football player Timmy Ward. Ward made headlines across New Jersey after scoring a touchdown on a blocked punt against the Michigan Wolverines last season, but that moment only scratches the surface of Timmy Ward’s incredible story. Click here to listen to the full podcast,

A Jet for Life: The Legacy of Connie Carberg, The NFL’s First Female Scout

To round out the list, we have our podcast with Connie Carberg, the NFL’s trailblazing first female scout. In the podcast, we talk about how her love for football began in her college days working for Woody Hayes at Ohio Stat. We delve into her intriguing shift from secretary to scout with the Jets, gaining insight into her draft day duties and the thrill of discovering Jets icon Mark Gastineau. Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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