There are 55,000 steps in a marathon, and with each step, Mathea Allansmith was closer to making history. It took 10 hours and 48 minutes for Allansmith to complete the Honolulu Marathon in December of 2022. When she crossed the finish line, she unofficially became the oldest female to finish a marathon at the age of 92. 

Starting Small 

In August, Allansmith’s record was verified by the Guinness Book of World Records. Check out the amazing moment at the finish line. 

Allansmith’s journey to becoming a world record holder started small. At 46 years old, a co-worker suggested that she start running two miles a day. Allansmith took her friend’s advice and began with daily runs. Soon, she moved on to 5k races and completed her first marathon, the Boston Marathon, in 1982. Since then, she has been running all over the world. 

“Running in cities around the world has allowed me to really get a feel for different places and people,” she told the Guinness Book of World Records

The Regiment 

Now at 93 years old, Mathea Allansmith covers a staggering 36 miles in six days of training a week. In addition to the physical benefits, her training also provides her with stress relief and makes her happy throughout the day.  

As a former optometrist, Allansmith says she can draw a direct correlation between movement and health and encourages everyone to get active.

The Message 

Throughout her running journey and life, Allansmith has faced many ups and downs, but she continues to face life head-on. Her message for those struggling is simple but poignant: control what you can in the moment.   

“It’s essential to stay focused on today and to be in the moment. Ask yourself, ‘What can I do today?’. That’s how I work things out,” she told the South China Post. “Solutions are in the present, not in the past or the future. Don’t let setbacks hold you back. Find a way to overcome the challenge, but keep sight of your goals.”

There are many lessons we can learn from Allensmith’s approach to life. She is proof that we are never too old to start something new, from starting her running career at 46 to completing a marathon at 92. Allensmith shows us all what’s possible if we stay in the moment, are solution-minded, and stay consistent. 

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