In this episode of the Greater Than The Game Podcast, we have a fascinating conversation with Connie Carberg, the NFL’s first female scout. Carberg takes us on a journey through her football career, starting with finding her passion for the sport when the AFL was formed in the 1960s. 

The X’s and O’s 

We delve into her journey to find herself and stay involved with football in college at Ohio State University under the tutelage of legendary head coach Woody Hayes.

Breaking In 

 Carberg then shares her experiences working with the Jets, initially as a secretary for the scouting department. We explore her remarkable transition from being a secretary to adding additional duties as a scout, and she provides insight into her responsibilities on draft day and the exhilarating experience of making a selection for the Jets in the NFL Draft. She also reveals her discovery of Jets legend Mark Gastineau.

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