It’s not often that your favorite player asks you to sign his jersey. Before the game on Monday night, Khris Davis of the Oakland A’s was visiting with members of the Make A Wish foundation when sixth-grader  Anthony Slocumb asked Davis for his autograph. Davis was so touched that he wanted a signature of his own. The two swapped pens and what happened next was something out of a Hallmark movie.

In the bottom of the third inning, Davis hit a 438 ft bomb off Rangers pitcher Bartolo Colon to extend the A’s lead to four. Take a look!

After the game, Davis told the Associated Press Via 

”I thought about him around the bases. There’s not a better feeling than hitting a home run, so hopefully he got some excitement and joy from watching that,” Davis said. ”They’re really the stars. … He was excited. I could tell that he was just happy to be here and wanted to have some fun. It was amazing, the look on his face.’

I’m sure Slocumb was beaming after that blast and a 9-0 win to help keep the team’s playoff hopes alive. Some people online are calling the homer good Karma, but I just call it awesome!!

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