The horrific events of last week have left the American public reeling. People all over the world are frustrated, angry, and want answers and rightfully so. In times like these, sports are usually the last thing on people’s minds, as it should be. 

However, in many ways, sports can provide a much-needed outlet for people who are going through a difficult time.  YouTube star and Pennsylvania native Stephania Ergemlidze took to the streets of Philadelphia during this week’s protest to try to unite people using basketball.

Who is Stephania Ergemlidze?

Ergemlidze is a 26 -year -old Instagram and YouTuber who  amassed a considerable following online through posting videos of her challenging strangers to a game of one on one. This week, she and some friends tried to bring some joy to the people of Philly by playing basketball with all kinds of people involved in the protests. 

  A message of unity  

“I saw how much it really pulled people together. I know how to bring people together through basketball and if that’s something that I can do, to push for more peace in our city, then I feel like I have an obligation to do that,” she told  CBS Philly We wanted to get police involved, pedestrians, civilians, protestors, everybody, just to kind of more unify our city because there’s a lot going on right now,” she said.  

 Everyone knows that a game of basketball won’t fix the issues that face our country, but sports can remind us how human we all are. Next to the hoop, there was a cardboard sign that read:

“I have always used basketball to try to bring people together. Today is a day I feel we need that more than most!”

The message of unity in America is more important than ever. If we can take the time to listen to one another and understand each other, we can truly build a better future.