Simone Biles is the best gymnast of our time and on Saturday night she reminded us why. In her first meet since 2019, Biles came away with the win scoring 58.8 points in the all-around competition. Biles didn’t just win on Saturday, she pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible for a female gymnast. 

The Yurchenko Double Pike

It was fitting that Biles was wearing a white, sparkled leotard with a goat stenciled on the back of it. Biles continues to do what a G.O.A T. (greatest of all time) does. She keeps on pushing the notion of what is possible for her sport. With this win, she brought her career medal count to 30. This is more than any gymnast in the world. In addition to adding to her hardware, she landed a vault that was previously thought to be impossible for a female vaulter. 

She landed the Yurchenko Double Pike which is three full flips off the vault. 

Check out the move below.

“It’s a new vault. I’m proud of how today went, even though it was a little bit rough and uncharacteristic. But it was OK,” Biles told reporters after the meet.

Landing the Yurchenko Double Pike started as an experiment for Biles during her year off of competition because of Covid. She told ESPN,

“We were just flipping to flip, to see what I could do … but never in a million years did I think that it would be feasible and to actually put it out on a competition floor.” 

 Even though it had never been done before in competition, it soon became apparent that it was doable for the 24-year-old superstar.


Many Gymnastics analysts and judges questioned why Biles would attempt something with such a high degree of difficulty and high risk of injury. Many argued that she didn’t even need this skill in her repertoire to win. After all, she is the best gymnast in the world. While they may be right they are missing one key component…. greatness. 

People who want to be great never stop pushing and are always looking at how they can improve, that’s what makes people like  Simone Biles the best at what they do. 

That is a mindset we can all benefit from whether we are students, athletes, or in the workforce, we can always push ourselves to be better than anyone else thought. After all, it is only impossible until we do it. 

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