The average American uses 80 to 100 gallons of water per day. For most Americans, getting up in the middle of the night to get something to drink is second nature, but for most of the world access to clean water is not that easy. In 2016, the Privilege2Serve Foundation, run by real-estate Developer and Executive Director Ravindra Reddy, stepped in to change that for the Maasai Tribe of Tanzania with some help from Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn.    

The Mission  

The Mission was to build a k-3 school for 300 children in the Maasai Tribe and to provide them access to a well.  There are 8500 members of the tribe, but only ten people have been formally educated. With the combined effort of the Privilege2Serve and the Lynn Family Foundation they were able to raise over $300,000 to build the school and its campus. In July of  2019 Lynn traveled to Tanzania after the season to see the school for the first time. Checkout this awesome video of his experience done by ESPN. 

A Perspective Shift

There were a number of challenges that the school faced; the first being travel. How were they going to reach kids that lived far away? The second was the number of faculty. The school only has five teachers for 300 kids. The last problem was the wildlife. The school has to open at 10 am to avoid feeding times for lions in the area.

All of the challenges were met head on with the grit and determination of the Maasai people. For Lynn it was the toughness of the people that really blew him away.  

  “I saw the toughness – the grit – and it was like your back’s against the wall every day over there,” Lynn told “Sometimes it’s life and death, and when you practice that from the time you’re born all the way up, can you imagine the toughness and resiliency that that builds and develops in a person?” 

There is no doubt that lessons like these from his time with the Maasai tribe will make Anthony Lynn an even better coach on the field. 

Clean water

A little over a year since coach Lynn’s visit, the school has a functioning well thanks to a partnership with Waterboys, a clean water initiative started by former professional football player Chris Long.   

These great organizations like The Lynn foundation, Privledge2serve and Waterboys are changing the lives of people around the world who are living in conditions that are unimaginable. It is awesome to see how much of an impact we can all have on our fellow human beings. If you would like to donate to any of these organizations, click the links above.  

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